CKAI-12/24kV Atmospheric Pressure Sealed Air Insulated Ring Main Unit

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CKAI- 1 2 series atmospheric air-insulated ring network cabinets use dry air as insulating medium and micro-pressure vacuum arc extinguishing chamber for arc extinguishing. The isolating switch and arc chamber are completely enclosed in a stainless steel air box with dry air. Insulated and fully sealed design, the air box is made of imported stainless steel plate, welded by advanced robot welding technology, and the protection level of the inflatable shell reaches IP 65. The busbar adopts side expansion structure, mature technology, convenient installation, and has the requirements of green environmental protection, safety and reliability, compact structure, maintenance-free, long life and so on. It is a completely environmentally friendly switchgear product integrating high-tech core devices and new technologies, new processes and new materials. Its main functional units are: V unit (circuit breaker switch), C unit (fuse load switch).



① The product uses air as the insulating medium, vacuum arc extinguishing, and no SF6 gas. More than 95% of the materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, and the proportion of epoxy resin components is less than 5%. Minimal impact on the environment in the whole life cycle, environmental protection and safety;

② Compact structure, small size, modular, maintenance-free design, unit size is only 500 wide * * 900 deep * 2000 high;

③ The primary high-pressure components are all enclosed in the stainless steel sealed box, the protection grade is IP65, and the overall maintenance-free design; the sealed box uses the device with air filtration function to balance the internal and external gas pressures, so that the air pressure in the sealed box is always the same as the ambient atmospheric pressure;

④ After the electric field simulation analysis, calculation and optimization, the product has superior electrical performance; the electric field is evenly distributed, and the partial discharge is less than 10pC;

⑤ There are two types of operating mechanisms: spring and permanent magnet; the lower isolation and lower grounding structure, the product is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and exchange, and the external dimensions are width 500 * depth 920 * height 2000; side expansion, Can be co-boxed, easy to install and expand;

⑥ Product modular design, circuit breaker, load switch, isolating switch, sealed box, operating mechanism, and cabinet are independent modules, forming standardized functional units, which is convenient for factory prefabricated production organization;

⑦ High degree of intelligence, meeting the smart grid requirements and smart operation and maintenance requirements of the State Grid and the Southern Grid.