CKSS-12KV solid-insulated switchger

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In recent years, with the general improvement of the design quality, environmental protection performance and manufacturing process of solid insulation ring network cabinets, product quality and standardization have met user requirements. Through the promulgation of DL standards and the gradual expansion of usage, solid insulation ring network cabinets. It will become the mainstream product of smart grid construction.

CKSS solid insulation ring network cabinet is a kind of intelligent, environmental protection, all working conditions equipment, with high reliable operation safety, suitable for 12kV secondary power distribution system. It has the characteristics of full insulation, long life, maintenance-free, small footprint, safe and reliable, and not affected by the environment. Widely used in industrial and civil ring network and terminal power supply, especially suitable for small secondary distribution stations, switching stations, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, railways, commercial areas, high-rise buildings, highways, subways, tunnels and other fields, especially It is a special environment of plateau, damp, cold and low-lying. The products are not only widely used in China, but also exported to Western Europe, Northern Europe and other countries.



① Excellent performance, the product has undergone electric field simulation analysis, calculation and optimization;

② Safe and reliable, the switch adopts a three-phase independent split structure, which can effectively avoid arcing caused by short-circuit between phases inside the switch; the protection grade of the main circuit part is IP67, which realizes full insulation and full sealing, and the overall maintenance-free design; the pole adopts the surface arc melting zinc process , to achieve continuous and reliable grounding of the surface of the insulating parts; the switch is equipped with LED lights with isolation fractures, and the fractures of the three-phase isolation switch are clearly visible, improving product maintenance safety;

③ The scheme is flexible, with knife gate type, direct-acting type, upper isolation upper grounding and lower isolation lower grounding structure, which meets the standardized design of the State Grid and the technical requirements of the South Grid;

④ Modular design, divided into four modules: switch body, cabinet, low-voltage box, and busbar. The cabinet can be designed into a complete set of products with various styles according to customer requirements;

⑤ Compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to carry and exchange;

⑥ Easy to expand, unit structure, top-mounted bus, easy to install, can realize arbitrary expansion and replacement of units;

⑦ Strong environmental adaptability, suitable for areas with an altitude of 5000 meters, high cold, low-lying humidity, high coastal salt spray, strong wind and sand, etc.;

⑧ It has a high degree of intelligence and meets the smart grid requirements and smart operation and maintenance requirements of the State Grid and China Southern Grid.