CKAS-12kV Environmental Protection Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit

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CKAS-12 series environment-friendly gas-insulated ring main unit adopts dry air as insulating medium and vacuum interrupter for arc extinguishing. Its isolating switch and arc interrupter are completely enclosed in a stainless steel air box with dry air. The design is fully insulated and fully sealed. , The air box is made of imported stainless steel plate, welded by advanced robot welding technology, and the protection level of the inflatable shell is IP67. The busbar has upper extension and side extension structure, mature technology, convenient installation, green environmental protection, safety and reliability, compact structure, maintenance-free, long life, etc. The material is completely environmentally friendly switchgear products, and its main functional units are: V unit (circuit breaker unit).



① Green and environmentally friendly, the product uses dry air as the insulating medium, and does not use any SF6 or greenhouse gases;

② Excellent performance, the product has undergone electric field simulation analysis, calculation and optimization, and the product has passed all tests and tests under 0 gauge pressure;

③ Safe and reliable, the primary high-voltage components are all sealed in the stainless steel air box, fully insulated and fully sealed, the protection grade is IP67, and the overall maintenance-free design; The use of solid sealing technology is conducive to product heat dissipation, and will not cause partial discharge problems and hidden dangers; the micro-positive pressure of 0.02MPa in the air box forces the moisture, dust and salt mist in the external environment to not penetrate into the air box, improving safety and reliability.

④ The scheme is flexible, with upper isolation upper grounding and lower isolation lower grounding structure, which meets the standardized design of the State Grid and the technical requirements of the Southern Grid;

①    Easy to expand, unit type or common box structure, optional side expansion or top expansion busbar expansion mode, easy installation, can realize arbitrary expansion and replacement of units;